Statement on COVID-19

Dear snowboard community,

You know we are always trying to inspire people to get outside and snowboard together, but with the current Covid-19 virus situation we have to focus on things more important than snowboarding with friends. We need to act responsibly and safely for every beautiful person living on planet earth.

While our website is still open and processing orders, we have decided to shut down all of our offices globally and work remotely, and cancel our international travel. Photographers, filmers, and team riders have been asked to go home and stay safe with their families. It's up to all of us to take responsibility and work together to stop the spreading by respecting the recommendations from local and global health organizations. We can all save lives by staying home, avoiding travel, and large group gatherings.

The pandemic is real and effecting all of our snowboard communities around the world and we hope the snowboard community can lead by example and do the right thing. Do it for your parents, grandma, grandpa, friends, and your local community. Stay safe and thank you all for leading by example.

We are stronger together, so lets beat this thing together!